OnePlus 6 Installation Help

Installing your DeltaShield Body Armor may appear intimidating, but we are here to provide you with complete step-by-step instructions as well as a video tutorial. Remember, your DeltaShield Lifetime Warranty covers errors during installation. Simply contact our customer service department for a replacement.

As a recommendation, please allot 12-24 hours after finishing your installation to let the body armor cure for best results. Installing your kit at night before bed is a great way to avoid the wait.


Installation Instructions / Removal Instructions

1) Prepare a clean work environment that is free from any dust or lint. Be sure to turn off your device and remove the battery if possible. If removing the battery is not possible on your device, make sure your device is completely powered off.

2) Spray a bit of installation solution onto the included microfiber cloth and clean your device. The solution is non-toxic and is not an adhesive. It is used to facilitate the installation process by allowing you to easily move the protector into place.

3) Wash your hands and moisten your fingers before handling the Delta Shield Body Armor protector. This will minimize the chances of fingerprints forming on the adhesive side of the protector during holding.

4) Before removing the protector from its backing, identify the appropriate cutouts on the protector and match them to your device - familiarize yourself with how the protector should fit before attempting to install.

5) Once you are confident with how your protector will be placed, remove the protector from the backing with moistened fingers. Spray an even coat of installation solution onto the adhesive side of the protector. If your protector is soaked and dripping, simply shake off the excess solution.

6) Gently lay the protector, adhesive side down, onto your device and line up the appropriate cutouts. Carefully move the protector into place by centering and aligning it to your device.

7) Next, use the included squeegee to push the solution out from underneath the protector. Be careful not to use excessive force and avoid ports or openings while removing the solution. Constantly readjust the protector's position as you squeegee the solution out - the protector will begin to adhere as more solution is removed.

8) When finished, gently wipe away the surface of your protector with the microfiber cloth. There may be a few micro-bubbles that remain; if so, don't worry as these will disappear over a few days. For best results, we recommend you allow your protector to set and cure for 12-24 hours after installation.


Removal Instructions

1) Begin with any corner of your DeltaShield Body Armor and gently peel it away from your device. If the protector adhesion is particularly strong (such as on certain types of plastic surfaces) you may use a hair dryer on the lowest setting for a few seconds to slightly weaken the adhesive.

2) Continue to peel the body armor away from your device. Take care to relocate your grip near the area you are removing the protector if the adhesion is strong.

3) Once the body armor is completely removed, use the microfiber cloth to wipe down your device.

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